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Teleplay by Paul M. Wood, Story by Paul M. Wood and Sarah Turner

Format: Episodic Streaming Series

Genre: Fantasy Sci-Fi

Themes: Biohacking, Artificial Intelligence, Alchemy, Treasure Island Expo, Electropunk, Zero Point (Limitless) Energy, Biophotonics, Reincarnation, Utopia, 1940 San Francisco, Kirlian Photography, The Singularity, Plasma Vortexes

Copyright © 2019

Photo by Ali Gandomi on Unsplash


Eighteen years after a dome vortex of electricity suddenly formed over San Francisco when a science experiment blew up a 1940s Expo, twelve “Incubator Babies” all born on that day are released from a mad doctor’s labs. This is a coming of age story of one of the twelve; a rebellious young woman whose mind is linked and body reincarnate of the female sentient intelligence living in the dome’s electrical vibrations. They meld mind and body to overthrow the elites who use the zero-point energy of the dome to become eternal.  Their story fuses fringe science, biohacking, and electro-punk with a bizarre melange of historical characters battling inside a petri dish of rebels, facists, overlords, mad scientists, hack doctors, demented artists, and female warriors, to build a new utopia or annihilate their civilization.


Sarah Turner


With two bachelor of science and a masters degree from London universities, Sarah specializes in the fields of novel therapeutic devices, circadian biology, chronobiology, photobiomodulation and Biohacking. Previously a co-producer and featured expert on a feature documentary about discoveries in water science, bio-magnetism, light, quantum biology and biohacking, Sarah has experience of science related media, conducting research for the movie and the related courses. She has interviewed prolific thought-leaders, visionaries, and experts in health and performance, leading to innovative perspectives on the overriding role of physics in relation to quantum biology in health, photobiology and consciousness studies. Sarah uses science fiction and fantasy writing to promote and engage a wider audience in meaningful scientific discussions, especially at the points of contact with new scientific developments such as the use of directed energy therapies, and in particular the role of light in biology and health.

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