Circus of Despicables

Written by Paul M. Wood, Story by Paul M. Wood and Lori Gibson-Washington

Format: Serialized Novel 

Genre: Satiric Black Comedy

Currently publishing in serialized installments

Copyright 2019

Photo by Devon Rogers on Unsplash

A wickedly funny and tragically relevant satire of leadership gone profoundly bad in the style of Huxley’s “Animal Farm”. In Alviso, CA, a town that butts cheeks to Silicon Valley, a high tech data mining company is taken over by a nightmare circus of ex-cons and despicably corrupt “leaders” plotting to illegally profit from a divided community.  Perched atop this dung pile sits the crowned dunce Oswin Radcliffe Confingo who faces an adversary in Chima Fox, a 40s African-American female former CEO who was replaced by Oswin in a corporate coup d'état. With her alphabetic take-down, Chima undermines Oswin’s improbable rise by methodically restoring integrity, ethics, and empathetic honesty to the infestation of corruption that Oswin and his despicables attempt to impose. Sound familiar?