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Story and Screenplay by Paul M. Wood

Format: Feature Film

Genre: Murder-Mystery

Copyright © 2019

Photo by Evan Wise on Unsplash

When a young tech co-founder rejects a billion-dollar payday and ditches corporate for the life of a struggling artist, he joins the last bastion of an art colony threatened by bulldozing to build yet another San Francisco highrise. He befriends their mystery street artist who is a closet psychopath. The shocking discovery of a young girl’s dead body in the art colony sets off an explosive chain reaction pitting a lost underbelly of artists, musicians, misfits, and aesthete visionaries against the tech fashionistas of staggering wealth and elite crassness. The story plays out as a funny and tragic melange of magic, gutter realism, satiric rubes and seekers of beauty thwarted by fears of expressing truth, beauty and love.

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