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Story and Screenplay by Paul M. Wood

Format: Feature Film

Genre: Black Comedy

Copyright © 2019

Photo by mana5280 on Unsplash

A young man failing to succeed as a newly married breadwinner accepts the lowly commision-only job as a vacume salesperson in Hicksville Long Island. But this, he discovers, is just a “front” to a vast underground conspiracy cult led by his freakishly charismatic boss. Driven to strip away the puzzle of world-wide interlocking and incestuous secret systems of control, their fellow conspiratorialists sacrifice family, friends, and reason to expose once and for the Elite Forces they believe enslave humankind. This deadly serious black comedy reflects a world rife with fakery where truth is suspect, paranoia justified, and a final contagion of disbelief, mistrust, and explodes in a New Mexico desert compound.

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