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1. Realizing your ideas on a mysterious, torturous, transformational and triumphant path

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Creative ideas are the new content currency, but what if there is no payoff? What happens on the path from having a creative idea to realizing it? Ideas dreamt up and imagined are an ever-present, yet only a precious few make it all the way to manifest. What happens along the way that results in this final form of an idea? Sometimes the end result has no resemblance to the original thought which was lost along the path. Other manifestations remain true to the origin idea. What happens along the way and how can you influence, nourish and direction your creative idea to stay true to its form if not its spirit? We will trace several instances of this path and solve some of the mysteries that lay in wait to waylay, distract, defer, and also encourage, promote, enrich, and triumph in bringing creative ideas to life.

I’m less interested in the question of how one gets the great idea. Lots of books are about that, and everyone wants that answer as if it’s an elixir anyone can apply.

But the path to realize creative ideas fascinates me because it can be so torturous, every artist and creator must go through it, and the knowing experiences along the path are helpful to avoiding the worst pitfalls and traps.

Ideas are fragile all along the path, and too often get crushed and dismantled along the way, or shift gears to mutate in overcoming obstacles. So how to maintain the CORE of the idea as a constant, though the form changes?

Next let’s look at the meeting place of idea and realization at the point of the formation of creative ideas.

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